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Wearing an Oval Cut Piece of Jewellery makes you stand out from the crowd as it provides excellent brilliance, durability and style. Among brilliant cuts, the oval diamond is one of the most radiant. The shape and design allows for optimal fire, brilliance, and scintillation.

As a colour rose gold communicates extravagance, thanks to its association with the precious metal and common use in jewellery. Gold is a marker of wealth, so rose gold is often associated with elegance, elegance and affluence. It’s popular because it’s fun and eye-catching.

The birthstone of May, Emerald, carries the rich green colour of Spring and radiates a beautiful vivid tone. They are considered to be a representation of reawakening and love. Emeralds are the rarest gemstones and are typically mined in Colombia and Brazil. Green is the colour of spring and has long signified compassion and renaissance. As the gem of Venus, it is also considered to aid in fertility.

ROSE GOLD FINISH Created Diamond Green Emerald Oval Cut Cluster Jewellery Set

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