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Diamonds, the birthstone of April, are commonly associated with love which make it the perfect gift for a loved one. While white diamonds are most common, fancy coloured diamonds can be found in various colours including yellow, blue, pink and a variety of others as well. Since ancient times, diamonds have been admired objects of desire. Formed 100 miles beneath the Earth’s surface over a billion years ago, diamonds are the hardest gem of them all. Some say diamonds were created when bolts of lightning struck rocks, while others say the gem possesses healing powers. For centuries, diamonds have been adorned by women and men and regarded as the ultimate gift and a symbol of eternal love.


Fluorite comes in a variation of colours. The best stone for sweeping out negative energy and leaving you glowing with happiness and serenity. Shimmering in different shades, from crystal clear colours to pretty purple tones, and soft blue hues, this stone looks beautiful in the sun.  Fluorite properties are extremely rich in calcite and calcium fluoride and this just adds to its ability to beautifully enhance mental clarity and enliven your soul with spiritual energy. 


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White Gold Finish Created Diamond And Purple Green Fluorite Heart Halo Pendant

£49.99 Regular Price
£44.99Sale Price
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