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An oval-shape diamond evokes the classic and traditional vibe of the popular round or radiant cut diamond, but stretches to its own uniqueness. Because an oval is a modification of a round shape, it still has just as many facets and as much sparkle and brilliance, but there is much more variation in its overall proportions.

This beautiful bracelet is red ruby with an oval shaped gemstone, charm bracelet, with an elegant white gold finish. The oval cut design red and silver bracelet would make a truly amazing gift for that someone special. The design of the item is very modern is well suited to any age range.

Rubies, the birthstone of July, are considered the king of gems and represent love, health and wisdom. It was believed wearing a fine red Ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner. A Ruby is the most valuable gemstone and its value increases based on its colour and quality. The Ruby represents love, passion, courage and emotion. For centuries, this gem has been considered the king of all gems. It was believed that wearing a fine red Ruby bestowed good fortune upon its owner. Rubies have been the prized possession of emperors and kings throughout the ages, and to this day remain the most valued gemstone.

White Gold Finish Created Diamond Oval Cut Red Ruby Bracelet

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