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WHITE GOLD FINISH Round Cut 6 Claw Solitaire Ring and Necklace Jewellery Set | Wedding, Engagement, Birthday, Anniversary, Celebration, Gift


This beautiful created diamond necklace and ring set is made as the perfect gift for a loved one! Either for yourself, a friend, or a dear one, this is made with love, compassion and care, just for you!


As the most popular Diamond Shape, the Round Cut Diamond represents over two thirds of all diamonds sold. With a classic, timeless appearance, Round Brilliant Cuts are often used in engagement rings, necklaces and other fine jewellery pieces. The classic and most popular shape is the round diamond. The shape of this diamond represents eternal love. The round shape brings out the most brilliance and sparkle of all. Those who love this cut are usually traditional, trustworthy, honest, and love a classic style.


The birthstone of April, Diamonds, are commonly associated with love which make it the perfect gift for a loved one. For centuries, diamonds have been adorned by women and men and regarded as the ultimate gift and a symbol of eternal love. Diamonds are associated with strength, passion and health. As we have uncovered, throughout history, diamonds have been worn by leaders or power figures to symbolise strength and invincibility. Diamonds have also been associated with good health and represent long life and good heart health.

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WHITE GOLD FINISH Round Cut 6 Claw Solitaire Ring and Necklace Jewellery Set

SKU: 7427265902253
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