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WHITE GOLD FINISH Ruby Created Diamond 'Love and Kisses' Necklace + Earrings Set


This jewellery set brings together a stunning pair of earrings with a statement necklace.

Both pieces share a similar style, where oval cut ruby stones sit dominantly in-between criss-crossed created diamonds. Each piece of ruby is enhanced by the created diamonds either side of it. We call this 'love and kisses' because of the criss-cross nature of the created diamonds, which give an 'X' shape which is like the text-based form of a kiss. The ruby stones and created diamonds are exceptionally crafted. The pieces are unified by the excellent white gold finish which makes this product shine at all times. A light piece suitable with a casual outfit or statement outfit, dress down or dress it up, it's your world!


WHITE GOLD FINISH Ruby Created Diamond Love and Kisses Necklace Earrings Set

SKU: 7427265891472
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